Architecture has always been an important means of expression of one’s own style, and durability has always been one of the major criteria in the “design and build” world. The scope of architecture has today extended beyond the intrinsic need of providing shelter. Its expression is extensively being moulded by the building material industry, which... Continue Reading →


Revitalization of heritage tourism for world heritage site – Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park, Panchmahal, Gujarat – issues and management

Many great cities of rich antiquity around the world were the center for great civilizations for centuries; only to be lost to the ages and then rediscovered centuries or millennia later, reduced to rubble and ruins. There are many such places of historic importance; well- known to all is the excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization. A few cities have gone a step forward and continued to grow and change, leading to a mix of thousand- year- old forts and temples, medieval streets and markets, government building put up by the Colonial powers and modern high rises, offices and strip malls cluttering in-between.

Terracotta work in historic buildings- A case of Islamic and Hindu Architecture in West Bengal

This paper throws light on terracotta, its history, composition, and its use as a building material in historic buildings with Islamic and Hindu Architecture of West Bengal. The main objective is to discuss the construction method practiced through the case study and the various conservation practices taken up for these structures that have incorporated traditional methods of construction and highly intricate craftsmanship.

“These old buildings (Tangible Heritage) do not belong to us alone; they belonged to our forefathers and they will belong to our descendants unless we pay them false. They are not in any sense our property to do as we like with them. We are only trustees for those that come after us” -William Morris, 1877, Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings

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